Steven Lewis

Designer and HTML/CSS developer
based in San Francisco, CA.


For the past three years or so, I've been helping the Chartio team build an analytics tool anyone in a company can use. We've created a drag-and-drop interface to build complicated SQL queries which generates charts. These charts can then be saved to highly customizable and interactive dashboards.

When I first started, I was the only designer at the company, but I've since helped bring on more design talent. It's been an exciting challenge building something with so many different use cases and moving parts. On the marketing side, I created Chartio's first brand guide and current website. I've also designed giveaway materials, BART ads, t-shirts, and more. And I get to make a lot of dashboards and charts, which I love. It's been an action-packed, lesson-filled journey so far and I can't wait to see where we go next.

Tax March San Francisco

In 2017, I found myself with a strong desire to do more work with people trying to make a positive impact on our world. So far, I’ve worked with two groups this year to create shirt designs for fundraising and spreading awareness. The first was the San Francisco Tax March, which took place on April 15, 2017. From Anne Pruett, director of the SF Tax March:

His designs allowed us to raise thousands of dollars in fundraisers, spread the word with posters and pamphlets, and recruit new volunteers with recruitment campaigns both in print and online.

Friends of the San Juans

The second group I worked with this year was the Friends of the San Juans. They are an environmental protection group from the San Juans islands in Washington state. This group of lawyers works very hard to protect the beaches where they live, and they asked me to create a type-focused shirt based on this phrase describing the Orca whale food chain. Many of the locals love whale watching and the islands are famous for Orcas. They wanted the shirt to explain how the ecosystem is linked together in ways which may not be obvious to everyone, and hopefully show people why they worry so much about beach laws.
One second on the internet page

One Second on the Internet

One second doesn’t seem like much time, but a lot can happen. This page was originaly published as an inbound marketing piece in August of 2013. At the time there were, on average, around 200 posts on Reddit, 4,000 tweets on Twitter, and 50,000 likes on Facebook each and every second. Visualizing traffic like this can be difficult. Once the numbers get so big, they start to lose meaning to us. This is why “One Second on the Internet” provided an illustration of how much activity took place in such a small unit of time. Since I no longer control the page it hasn't been updated, and I frequently get emails pointing this out. For me it's now reminder of how quickly into the future we are sprinting. page the Designly webpage builder example page An illustration for an earlier stage of Designly


I was originally hired to make logos. In a few short years, Designly took me from making graphics in Pennsylvania to participating in a Y Combinator startup in Silicon Valley. We expanded from making logos, to Bootstrap themes, to a WYSIWYG website editor, to a full-on site builder. I designed and developed the front-end of the Designly website (twice) and worked with the team to build several product interfaces. I also helped create blog posts, campaigns, prototypes, themes and more.
laura stevenson and the cans shirt early sketches of Laura Stevenson shirt

Laura Stevenson

This one started out as fan art. Making self-initated designs for bands I like is just one tactic I use to keep my skills sharp. If I can, I like to send what I've made to the band members. Laura Stevenson and the Cans are a spectacular indie/folk/rock band who eventually had their design made into a T-shirt. After the first batch of shirts were printed and sold out, I receive an email informing me it it had sold out rather fast. They reprinted the shirt, this time with different colors, and I finally got my hands on one. Like I said, the first batch sold out.

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