Steven Lewis

A designer (who codes) in San Francisco, CA.

a black and white photo of Steven.


Since March of 2014, I've been working with Chartio building a data analytics tool for companies. Data visualizations are rad.

Before this, I worked with a small startup called Designly, which began in Pittsburgh, PA. Our team came to San Francisco in 2012 to participate in the Launch Hackathon, and ended up winning first place with a tool called WizzyWig. We were later accepted into Y Combinator, at which point we moved West to California.

In college I studied graphic design and printmaking, learned how to build websites and made a comic book. Right after college, I worked for a few sign shops and a pennysaver.

Before college – and before I had ever heard the phrase "graphic design" – I made t-shirts, stickers, pins, patches and best of all, CD covers, for my friends' bands. I dig music a lot, and still like to make covers for fun.

I believe Massimo Vignelli when he said, "If you can design one thing, you can design everything."

I also really like board games.

You can reach me at