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Chartio website and brand update (2020)

Chartio is a cloud-based data visualization platform for businesses. My most recent project with the company was the second major update to the brand in my time with them (the first being in 2017). In this update I introduced things like hand-drawn illustrations, a new display typeface, and a new color palette to signal an even more intuitive and updated interface for Chartio.

The Chartio emblem 2020 The Chartio "emblem" with new colors.
discussing a dashboard illustration One of my illustrations for the site of folks discussing a dashboard highlighting Chartio's collaborative nature.

The main goal of this update was to make Chartio even more approachable for all business users while keeping the appeal of the initial buyer, the data team. The release was timed with the rollout of an update to the main product interface. homepage.
The top-level Chartio product page.
The product page highlighting "Visual SQL".

In addition to the new illustrations, we gave the site an off-white background to evoke notebooks, paper and classic data visualizations. I also used a repeated rectangular bar shape in the backgrounds across the site to echo the shape of cells of tabular data, bar charts, and even the Chartio logotype.

To create a subtle background for the illustrations I used a repeating rectangle.

Through this redesign, we maintained our core brand colors of black and white, with a primary blue and accent yellow. However, for the first time since 2014, we updated the primary blue to be slightly more saturated and contrast better with the white type in call-to-action buttons. The accent yellow was also tweaked and was useful for adding highlights throughout the illustrations as well as marketing events where standing out is key.

The updated core style components for the marketing site.
Illustrations used throughout the site.
This graphic was used in several palces as it captures one of the core benefits of Chartio, having a visual interface that makes working with data easy.

This also was a significant update to our copy and messaging. I did a number of users tests at different stages to not only drill into reactions to the new visuals, but also what questions people still had and how they talked about their needs.

Although the final release of the redesign coincided with the beginings of the COVID-19 spread which impacted Chartio's overall web traffic, the new design did test much better relative to the previous version across several user tests. See the site for yourself at, or check out the first brand update I did with the Chartio team back in 2017.

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