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Printed Chartio collateral

During my time designing with Chartio I covered most of the usual marketing swag suspects: stickers, pens, information handouts, giveaway t-shirts, employee t-shirts, and so on. Even in a highly-digital market, physical objects still have a place. They connect the brand to the real world, hopefully in a fun or useful way, for both employees and customers.

One of the first Chartio shirts I made.
A series of employee shirts for a marketing event. The main requirement for these is usually to stand out as much as possible.
A giveaway shirt for customers and visitors.
The latest batch of event materials I created in 2020.

The “emblem” design I originally created for stickers also became endlessly useful for many other, more circular-shaped, scenarios.

Dot-grid pocket notebooks and stickers.
A Chartio tote bag.
Branded wireless phone chargers.
Most social profile photos need to be circular (or square).

One giveaway employees enjoyed a lot (and a few lucky customers) was a custom T-shirt with the person’s name on it, but not written in letters. Their name was plotted as points on a curved line chart, with A sitting at the bottom and Z being at the top of the Y axis. I called it their “data signature”.

A data signature t-shirt.

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