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The Data School by Chartio

Marketing in today's world is different. Sure, we still have static, physical ads, but there are so many more ways a company can get in front of potential customers now. The Data School is one such example.

The Data School logo I created for Chartio's new educational content site.

Written content was the most successful channel for Chartio's new leads, so we decided to brainstorm ways to increase the numbers even more and continue to position Chartio as a knowledge leader. From surveying customers, we found there was a lot of potential to strengthen the relationship if we could guide them through common issues. There was also a genine desire from the Chartio team to pass on insights. So, we moved beyond one-off articles and created an open-sourced site with content grouped into living web books focused around often-seen trouble areas.

The original Wordpress site I designed.
Wireframes of version 2.
More iterating.
Introducing the idea of grouping articles into web books.

Data School was like creating a whole new product. The site used the same core typeface Chartio always has, Open Sans, but I gave the content and covers their own unique type to set this content apart.

The final homepage.
An article/chapter. The sidebar could be hidden away for clutter-free reading.

Readers could also leave feedback and suggestions on chapters or join a Slack group. I ended up developing a few iterations of the site, and helped train other teammates on how to make edits.

Some of the web book covers I created for

The community has grown to 24 contributors and several books have been very popular with both visitors and Chartio customers. The team is even in the process of getting one of the books published and printed physically. You can check the site out for yourself at

Thanks for taking a look. Reach out anytime. I hope you’re having a nice day :)
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